A Proven System That Gives Parents Control Over Bullying

Teach Your Family How to Recognize, Avoid, and Resolve Bullying Every Time

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  • Are you or your child the victim of bullying?
  • Are you tired of empty promises from school officials to do something and never do anything?
  • Are you looking for a proven solution to bring your bullying nightmare to a quick end?
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How Our Anti-Bullying Plan Works.


1. Our Law Enforcement Based Protocol Covers All Bases Like an Investigation

You'll discover how to create evidence logs, chain of custody, and how to keep your children out of Shark Invested Waters (Places and times when bullying is most likely to occur.)

2. We Shift Control to Parents So They Know What to Do

More often than not, parents feel powerless to help their child deal with bullies. They are either busy at work or simply don't have the experience or resources to help. This program give you that resource. We show parents how to take control of a bullying situation. 

3. Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Program

Contacting the school authorities, law-enforcement, and even the parents of the bully is a powerful component of this program.  We provide you with letter templates, scripts, and strategies so you never have to face the bully's parents or school authorities. We show you what to do and how to do it with our pre-written forms and letters.

4Early Recognition and Prevention Strategies

Long before bullying starts, we show you have to conduct a family meeting with the goal of establishing a "Family Policy." Your Family Policy might supersede the school's policy. For instance, the school policy might be that physical self-defense is prohibited. Your Family Policy might be that self-defense is your right. It's up to you. We'll take you step-by-step through the Family Policy process.

5. Our Program is Non-Violent and Non-Confrontational

In an ideal world, violence would not be necessary to end bullying and bullying wouldn't even exist. That's not the world we all live in. Personal safety is a human right. We will teach you easy-to-learn and execute self-defense tips and techniques that can radically change the outcome of a bullying incident.

6. Our Program Includes Cyber-Bully Strategies

Would you allow your child to roam around unsupervised in a huge indoor football stadium with people from all walks of life? That is what social media is like. The evidence is clear. Children are frequent targets of online predators. Kids simply do not have the skills to cope with cyber-bullying. We help you gain control of this massive cyber-zone of potential turmoil in your child's life.

7. Learn How to Turn the Tables on a Bully in Ways They Never Imagined

You will learn how to get put the school board, the principle, and the teacher all on high alert that your child is being bullied and that you expect them to bring it to an end or their will be dire consequences.

We'll show you how to contact the parents with a certified letter or with a visit from the police demanding that the bullying come to an end.

We even have a growing list of attorneys who specialize in suing schools and families on behalf of bully victim. 

It's all up to you because you are now in total control wth the Anti-Bullying Action Plan.

You Have Nothing To Lose With Our Personal Guarantee

Study this system.

If your child is already being bullied, jump right to how to build a case and contact the school, law enforcement, and even an attorney.

If you still feel this program is not worth your investment, just let us know and we’ll refund your money and thank you for giving it a try.

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